Dr Eric Ndoumba

Phd in Computer Science and Telecommunications Network Engineering. Having served my apprenticeship in various companies, I worked for 9 years as the Director of Engineering and Architecture for next-generation networks at AT&T MOBILITY in Atlanta, USA, before being appointed in 2017 as Director of New Technology and then as Telecommunications Advisor to the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy.  

Active contributor in the elaboration of the national strategy for the development of the digital economy and of laws against cybercrime, cybersecurity, personal data protection and electronic transactions. 

In my international capacity, designated by the African Union Commission as national coordinator of the PRIDA and PIDA-PAP2 projects respectively. And focal point with ECCAS for the development of the consensual action plan for the deployment of electronic communications infrastructures in Central Africa (PACDICE-AC) and the institutional framework for its implementation. He has also been appointed by the CEA as an expert in Cybersecurity, Digital Identity Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

Previously, I also worked with the Council of Europe and the European Union on the development and implementation of Congo’s cyber resilience plan. 

My professional background also includes a number of certificates relating to information systems security obtained during my various participations in IT/Telecoms Expert programs such as CCNP, CISSP and MCSE.

I’m currently leading the African Artificial Intelligence Research Center project, responsible for conducting research on all emerging technologies and cybersecurity at continental level.