Lynn Rowe

A graduate of Tufts University and New York University’s Graduate School of Business, Lynn T. Rowe has been a consultant and key executive in a wide variety of global scale media, telecommunications and technology ventures, startups and projects. 

With forty two (42) years in the broadcast and telecommunications industry, Mr. Rowe currently owns and operates One World Technologies, Inc. (formerly Telecom  International, inc.) of Venice, FL. One World Technologies is a full service consulting and integration firm specializing in the planning, design, implementation and management of OTT, AI, VR, AR, VOD, broadcast, cable, satellite, DTH, mobile, multimedia and interactive networks, applications, systems, new ventures and special events. Our services include;

  • Strategic & Tactical Business Planning
  • Market, Competitive & Regulatory Analysis
  • Product Development
  • System Integration
  • Project Management: i.e., design, installation, operation and maintenance of network and technical operations
  • Special Event Planning & Management
  • Program Syndication 
  • Transponder & Fiber Brokerage

Accomplishments & Milestones

  • First conversion to satellite distribution by a US TV network
  • First lease of Intelsat, international satellite capacity
  • First sublease of international satellite capacity
  • First on-air use of MPEG2 compression
  • First use and development of DS3 fiber in the US
  • First virtualization of TV production; Nightline insertion into Network from Washington, D.C. via DS3 fiber
  • Development of First US network SNG program w/ GTE
  • Co-founder of (Vyvx) First US nationwide Video Fiber Network 
  • Host Broadcaster Management of Telecommunications facilities for World Cup USA 94
  • First use of compression in a World Class sporting event
  • Largest fiber and satellite hybrid network deployed for a World Class Sporting Event
  • Implementation of first digital Broadcast & Satellite TV networks in Central Europe
  • First use of store & forward, automated edge server technologies in Network Distribution (MTV U Networks)
  • First design & deployment of web based TV ad insertion platform (MTV U Networks)
  • First development and implementation of a Patented, IP-Standards based TV production and national MVPD distribution plant
  • Development of IP-Standards based TV production and multi-market, multi-tier channel distribution technologies for use in World Class sporting events
  • Patented Supercomputing Technologies (Intelitrac, Inc.) and development of AI & Communications on the Move (COTM) for the US Intelligence & Military Communities
  • Development of Patent Pending Biometric System Architecture
  • Patented System & Method for the provision of QOS over Wireless Systems for the Distribution of Streaming Media
  • Development of Patent Pending System & Method for Distributed, Collaborative Object Oriented media creation and non end user specific distribution of profiled content and applications.
  • Development, design, deployment and maintenance of a new generation of Local-centric, Centralcasting facilities for New Vision Television Group SSA implementations in Youngstown, OH, Savannah, GA, Topeka, KS, KHON, HI, KOIN, OR, WIAT, AL
  • Redesign and launch of first Caribbean HDTV ATSC 1.0 over the air broadcast system; Cayman 27, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Launch of Cayman Island Government TV Channel w/ robotic HD coverage of Parliament and Live insert studio
  • Executive Advisor; Equity Participant; Cuba International Television; 1st US Film & TV operations in Cuba
  • Executive Consultant; Lionshare Media; UI – UX development for Mobile Video Segment
  • CTO; NewsLink; Internet News Services Start-up
  • Temujin LLC; Business model development; SmartCities, Hyper Compute, Big Data, AI, Edge Compute, Distributed Ledger Technology, Stateless Computing, Open Stack ETSI SDN NFV, VR, AR, Next Gen Ecosystems
  • Development of Next Generation TV Infrastructure as a Service (TV IaaS) business opportunities